Customer Testimonials

Dave has helped me with several projects. He sold me a C cam for my 67 restoration and then actually set it up for me in my head-making sure everything was to spec including alignment and valve lash. He also inspected a 3.9 rear end I had picked up and made sure it was within usable tolerances. He setup my 44 PHH’s with the correct jets so I should have little problem getting the car running. He also rebuilt my 5 speed which I am confident will give me years of trouble free use. The tranny was a grenade waiting to go off. Lastly Dave is setting me up with a set of 40’s for my 67.5 stroker. Besides being a super nice guy, Dave is very knowledgeable when it comes to the mechanics of all things automotive related-Steve A-311s.org


Dave, or Premo as so many call him has made my car what it is today. I purchased a Solex carbureted 2000 roadster a few years back but it never ran well. I sought out help from many known experts. The advice only made incremental differences in speed and power. It wasn’t until I took the jetting advice from David Premo that my car has become the snappy quick roadster it is today. David is not only knowledgeable but he is a leader in Solex tuning. Truly going above and beyond when giving advice. David explains why he is making the recommendations and explain how the components operate. He explains why you should not follow the antiquated manual written for type II carbs when you likely running a type 3 or later model carburetor. If you wonder if your car is running at its true potential, ask Premo for advice. Greg M. a.k.a Solex68

I got in touch with Dave Premo and he very quickly confirmed my suspicions about the cause of a high idle issue and then helped me with a part order and technical assistance. This was my first time working with Dave – if you have a Solex car, this is someone you need to know. He’s a Mukuni Distributor and expert. His prices were much, much less than another carb expert I checked with and his advice and instruction is much more towards the “Patient Educator” end of the spectrum than the annoyed “IT Guy.”
J. Baker
El Segundo, CA
’69 2000 (Solex)